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There has been a great development in the health sector in Turkey, especially in recent years. Turkey has made a difference in the field of health tourism due to the fact that advanced and modern technology has been used in the investments made, and the latest developments have been followed closely by the firms.

Thanks to the reforms by The Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey, there has been a quality improvement in the healthcare system, and Turkey has been popular in the field of health tourism in recent years.

Turkey has advantages, such as expert staff in his/her field, quality healthcare organizations, experienced doctors, and an ever-growing technological infrastructure.

On the other hand, Turkey comes to the forefront due to its geographical location in the field of health tourism. Turkey, which is located at the junction point of the continents of Asia and Europe, functions as an intersection in terms of air and road routes, and therefore, Turkey is preferred in health tourism because of easy access to all corners of the world.

In addition, quality healthcare is offered at much more affordable prices in Turkey when compared to other countries.

Reason for preference with safe treatment options

Turkey is among the countries that have the highest number of hospitals in the world. The health organizations in Turkey are advanced in terms of technological infrastructure. Especially, the difference between Turkey and other countries is that there are specialized and qualified human resources in the doctor staff in Turkey.

In addition to all these, the number of patients who come to Turkey for the purpose of treatment is increasing day by day due to the fact that there are hospitals and health organizations with the highest number of JCI accreditation in the world and thanks to the shorter waiting period in the medical procedures, safe treatment options, and enterprises in health tourism.

In short, Turkey comes to the forefront of health tourism now, and hosts citizens from many countries.

Why Turkey?