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The process of the general operation and international accreditation, which is valid for the patients who want to make use of the activity of Health Tourism around the world, proceeds in Turkey as follows:

  • The patient who wants to receive international healthcare applies to the intermediary firm in the country where he/she resides.

  • The intermediary firm, which is applied, categorizes these records in the format of the country that the patient wants to receive service by collecting all medical records belonging to the patient.

  • A doctor, who is affiliated with the intermediary firm applied, evaluates the patient file under the name of medical consultancy.

  • Estimated costs including possible expenses related to the medical health service, and information related to the health facility and the medical doctor who performs the operation are relayed to the patient.

  • Immediately after the patient gives the written consent related to the beginning of the process, the travel form for medical treatment special to the patient is prepared. If necessary, the document is also prepared for the visa.

  • The travel of the patient to the country where he/she wants to receive healthcare is coordinated by the intermediary firm, including transportation / transfer.


    After the information related to the transportation is conveyed to the contact point in the country where the patient goes, the relevant person or firm carries out the control process.

  • The intermediary firm gets information about the situation of the patient during the treatment period daily and the firm informs their relevant about his/her situation if necessary.

  • After the end of the treatment, the case manager of the firm provides a transfer to the airport and road routes.

  • After the patient gets back to his/her country, he/she is welcomed, and transported to his/her home.

  • A report on treatment process is sent to the insurance company and family doctor of the patient.

  • The feedback related to all the processes is received from the patient who gets healthcare.

How is the Process Going?