Via Premium
  • Thanks to the travel consultants of VIA PREMIUM, the process of the visa applications lasts a short time for the patient and their relatives who will come to Turkey. Necessary support is provided for all the processes, like the visa procedures and application tracking of people who will travel to our country via an experienced team.

    Professional travel consultants carry out the visa procedures for patients and their relatives in a short time by providing a quality service.

  • The travel consultants of VIA PREMIUM assist the patients and their relatives in all kinds of processes, as well as in the process of transfer within the scope of the treatment planning for the person who determines the treatment process. Therefore, the flight ticket is provided by VIA PREMIUM team.

    Tickets are offered to the patient with the low-cost alternatives of the flight ticket after our team searches for the tickets that are affordable and appropriate for the travel dates. Our team carries out the process of change or cancellation of the reservation by tracking every process related to the transportation with the private consultancy service.

  • Our team carries out everything in a quick and quality way from the moment the patient and their relatives arrive in Turkey within the scope of professional travel consultancy services of VIA PREMIUM. The patient and their relatives are welcomed at the airport at the appointed time he arrives for treatment. The transportation to the hotel is provided according to the determinated program. If the patient needs to go to a hospital directly, the transportation from the airport can be provided by a private ambulance according to the urgency of the treatment. 

  • There are many accommodation options in Turkey. The experienced team of VIA PREMIUM finds the best hotels according to the demands of the patient, shares the alternatives with him/her, and he/she chooses the option that is suitable for him/her. Then, the reservation process is carried out, and the patient is transported to the hotel after the transfer. Their relatives also benefit from this service.

  • Before the travel for the health tourism, the experienced team of VIA PREMIUM provides services in insurance. Travel consultants answer all questions about this issue and ensure that the insurance transactions are carried out quickly and precisely.

    Through VIA PREMIUM, the patients and their relatives are assured, and private health policies are provided by the consultants.

  • The experienced guides of VIA PREMIUM interpret in different languages so that the patient can meet his/her needs easily during the treatment process in Turkey. Thus, the patient and their relatives can get information during the whole process all the time and can get in touch with the team that cures whenever they want. On the other hand, except for the treatment, interpreting services are provided for all the procedures that are required during the travel, such as transfer and accommodation.

  • The patients and their relatives coming from all around the world to Turkey have a good time in Turkey with private sightseeing tours, thanks to the service privilege of VIA PREMIUM.

    Before or after the treatment process, the patients and their relatives can discover historical or cultural places and can have the opportunity to see the magnificent places in Turkey up close.

    They can collect unforgettable memories during their travel by choosing any of the private sightseeing tour programs.

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