Via Premium


To be a health tourism agency that is known worldwide for its reliability and attentive service, as preferred and recommended by its patients again.

To be one of the leading firms that enable Turkey to achieve its objectives related to health tourism.

To grow together with its shareholders by establishing its own agencies in different countries with a global vision.



To ensure that patients feel safe and comfortable by providing international standardizationed services with Turkish hospitality.

To meet all the needs of the patients and their relatives quickly and professionally.

To offer different options to patients by looking after the rights of patients without compromising on medical and ethical rules.

To take measures by anticipating the problems that the patients may experience, and to provide a quick and professional solution to the problems encountered.

To provide the most suitable and comfortable conditions for patients during the treatment.

To ensure that the patients reach their homes in safe after providing the treatment opportunity in the best manner to the patients.

Vision - Mission