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  • Procedure Time
  • 1,1.5 hours
  • Overnight stay
  • 1-2 nights
  • Anaesthesia
  • General
  • Recovery Time
  • 1 Month

Pectoral Implant

Today, men give importance to aesthetic appearance as much as women, and for this, they change their social life, clothing, nutrition and sports habits tightly, and they prefer to have plastic surgery if necessary. The chest muscle is a muscle that gives shape to the body in men and makes the body look beautiful when naked. This muscle, called the pectoral muscle, sometimes cannot reach sufficient size with the help of sports, and as a result, it gives the person a problem in terms of moral motivation. For this purpose, silicone muscle surgery, called pectoral implant, and chest muscle surgery are performed.

What is Pectoral Implant?

A pectoral implant is a silicone material used to enlarge the male chest muscle. It is different from the silicone used to enlarge the female breasts, pectoral silicones are hard and are specially prepared for this area. These silicones do not explode, do not deteriorate and can remain in the body for a lifetime.

As a result of this implant surgery, there is no capsule contraction that can occur as a result of female breast augmentation surgeries.

Who is this for?

Men who want to have chest muscle surgery are mostly people who are engaged in sports and body but have not reached the desired level. Sometimes, patients who want to have a chest muscle quickly without wanting to do any sports can also have pectoral implant surgery. Again, patients with male-female breast tissue, which we call gynecomastia, can both get rid of gynecomastia by having liposuction and have chest muscle surgery at the same time. Sometimes, in the absence or underdevelopment of the congenital pectoral muscle, which we call Poland syndrome, pectoral implant surgery can be performed. In some traumatic situations, it can be done in cases where the chest muscle is underdeveloped due to an accident, surgery or impact.

How is it perfomed?

Chest muscle surgery is performed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia, under hospital conditions, by putting the patient to sleep. The operation time is approximately 1-1.5 hours. Since the operation is performed with an armpit incision, there is no scar on the body and no scar is visible on the anterior chest wall. In pectoral implant surgery, the silicone is placed under the chest muscle. In this way, both the silicone is not palpable and the desired muscle size is achieved.

Recovery Process After Pectoral Implant Surgery

After the surgery, a slightly pressure bandage is applied and this bandage is kept for 2 days, then only the corset is attached. There is no need to take stitches as self-dissolving stitches are used. The stitches will be healed in 1 week. At the end of 1 week, it will become the most swollen and then the edema will decrease. After 1 month, no one will understand that you had surgery, and at the end of 6 months, it will look like you have never had surgery.Patients can return to their work and social life on the 3rd day after surgery. While light sports can be started within 10 days after surgery, heavy fitness-style sports can be started 1 month later.

Pectoral Implant Surgery and Gynecomastia

Sometimes men may have an increase in breast tissue in the chest area, excess fat, or a combination of both. This condition is called gynecomastia. The treatment of this condition is gynecomastia treatment with liposuction. If the patient also desires the development of his muscles, then gynecomastia and chest muscle surgery can be performed at the same time.