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Mustache Transplant Surgery

Mustache transplant is a highly preferred procedure by men who do not have enough hair follicles in the mustache area. Besides being the popular choice of men for centuries, a mustache also adds a serious and attractive appearance. However, many men suffer from not growing a mustache for various reasons.

The mustache, which is seen as a symbol of masculinity, may not grow well because of different reasons for some men. However, in today's conditions, this issue can be easily solved with mustache transplantation.

What is Mustache Transplant?

The implantation of hair follicles around the mustache is called mustache transplant treatment. Local anesthesia is used in the mustache transplantation procedure, and it is concluded with only 2-3 hours of microsurgery.

In mustache transplants, hair follicles are transplanted into the skin layer of the patient without any problem. People who want to have a mustache transplant can exchange ideas with the doctors in deciding how many hair follicles will be removed in which region. After the hair follicles are taken, a mustache transplant is performed on the men's face.

How is Mustache Transplantation performed?

The mustache transplantation process also changes the person's appearance considerably. For this reason, many men want their mustache to be smooth and have sufficient density. If you do not have enough hair roots, this can be seen as a serious aesthetic concern. A detailed examination is performed before the mustache transplantation. If there are any hormonal disorders, they should be reported to the doctor.

The number of hair follicles to be transferred to the mustache area determines how long the operation will take. Mustache transplant performed with local anesthesia and takes approximately 3-5 hours.

With the FUE mustache transplantation method, irregular mustache structure can be treated, and excellent results can be achieved. With local anesthesia, hair follicles are taken from the nape area with a micro-surgical operation and transplanted to the area between the nose and lips. The hair follicles taken with 0.6-0.7 millimeter punches are simultaneously transferred to the mustache area. Usually, 1000 hair roots are required for a patient who has no mustache.

Who can benefit from Mustache Transplant?

Mustache transplant is applied to men who have sparse hair follicle. However, there are some requirements other than age. In the mustache transplantation process, if the donor area has sufficient hair follicles, mustache transplantation can be performed.

Things to consider before Mustache Transplantation

Before performing a mustache transplant, there are some issues that need to be considered. We can list them as follows:

On the day of the operation, clothes that can be easily removed and worn should be preferred.

 Smoking complicates the operation and healing process. For this reason, smoking should not be done before a mustache transplant.

You should eat light meals and go to the hospital with a full stomach.

Alcohol should not be used.

Avoid caffeinated beverages.

If there is regular medication use, the doctor should be informed about this before the operation. In addition, no medication should be used without consulting a doctor.

If you will have a mustache transplant and have your own mustache, you should not cut them. In order to calculate the angle of the mustache roots, not missing the mustache before the operation will allow a more accurate mustache transplant.