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  • Procedure Time
    1 hour
  • Overnight stay
    1 night
  • Anaesthesia
  • Recovery Time
    6-10 Months

What is Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is an aesthetic operation performed to enlarge the lip using stuffing such as hyaluronic acid, fat, or implants. Lip lines and lips are clarified with the help of tiny injections, so it is aimed to make the lips look aesthetically charming.

With genetic factors and increasing age, many people may not be satisfied with their lips. In this direction, people applied lip augmentation to show their lips more prominent, fuller, and desired. Lip augmentation is a procedure that specialist doctors must use.

How is Lip Augmentation surgery performed?

Lip augmentation is preferred by people who have thin lips, especially due to genetic factors and aging. The process of the operation is based on the general structure of the facial area. We can list the lip augmentation process as follows:

Before the procedure, the lips are anesthetized with an anesthetic cream. Thus, the process is performed more painlessly.

Injected stuffing immediately gives volume to the lips and shows their effect immediately.

The ingredients used in the filling process are natural. Therefore, it is healthy and reliable.

Fine-tipped injection needles are used in the filling process, and the process takes an average of 15-20 minutes.

The hyaluronic acid in the stuffing lasts for 6-12 months on the lips. Its permanence varies according to the person's facial expressions and environmental factors.

Who can have Lip Augmentation?

Your lips may be very thin or thinning due to genetics or various factors. Lip augmentation application is preferred to solve this situation. It does not have a negative effect on the person. Lip augmentation, a painless and short procedure, eliminates glaring deformities and makes the lips look more prominent and shaped. However, although the process is easy, quick, healthy, and reliable, this procedure is not suitable for everyone.

Pregnant women and nursing mothers should not prefer lip augmentation. In addition, if you have a blood clotting problem, if you are an autoimmune patient, or you have an allergy to stuffing materials, you should not have a lip augmentation procedure.

How long does the recovery period take?

Lip augmentation application is a very painless and simple procedure. The non-surgical aesthetic operation takes between 15 and 20 minutes on average. Fillers show their effect immediately after being injected into the lips and give volume to the lips. After the procedure, the patient can go home on the same day. There is no need for any rest and observation.

What should not be done after Lip Augmentation application?

After the lip augmentation application, it is recommended that patients not smoke until the edema subsides. In addition, very hot food and drinks should not be drunk. Apart from this, there are no obstacles, patients can continue their daily lives as they are, and they can also apply make-up.