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  • Procedure Time
    2-4 hours
  • Anaesthesia
  • Overnight stay
    1-2 nights
  • Recovery Time
    2-3 weeks

What is Adrenalectomy (removal of the adrenal gland)?

Adrenalectomy (surgical removal of the adrenal gland) is performed for adrenal tumors that secrete more than normal hormones and all suspected adrenal malignant tumors.

In the diagnosis of adrenal diseases, laparoscopic surgical treatment of the adrenal gland is successfully applied with the techniques of radiological imaging of the organ, preoperative treatment measures and technological developments.

Today, the laparoscopic surgical technique is now accepted as the standard in the surgical treatment of the adrenal glands. Because the important glands that secrete such rich and vital hormones are located in the deepest and most sheltered part of our body on both sides, on the right and left.They are located on the right under the liver and above the right kidney and just to the right of the main vein.

On the left, it is below the spleen, above the left kidney and just to the left of the main artery. Considering the size of the adenoma, a very large surgical incision is required in the open technique to surgically remove such a small formation. In addition, even with this incision, it is very difficult to see this deep gland clearly. However, with the laparoscopic technique, the adrenal gland and the adenoma mass can be easily removed from the hole without an incision.

In addition, surgery of a deeply located organ, provided by the laparoscopic technique, is performed under both clear and high resolution images with 10-20 times magnification.

What are the advantages of Adrenalectomy?

Three or four small surgical incisions instead of a large surgical incision.

There is no risk of herniation from the surgical incision as in open surgery.

The risk of developing long-term chronic pain due to the cutting of muscle layers and nerves during surgical incision is very low.

Less pain in the post-operative period.

Fast recovery and return to daily activities in a short time.

Laparoscopic surgery has become the standard surgical approach applied in the first step all over the world in the surgical treatment of adrenal diseases, with its minimal surgical damage and postoperative low pain, rapid healing effect.

While open surgery can be preferred in the surgical treatment of adrenal tumors larger than 6 cm, laparoscopic surgery can be successfully applied in adrenal tumors up to 10 cm in experienced hands. Laparoscopic adrenal surgery is considered the best surgical treatment for active or inactive adrenal tumors smaller than 6 cm.